Live Fights Every Saturday! 12/1 Event Details!

Sup Tokyo!


Before laying out the details for next Saturday’s event, here is a quick recap of what happened last time at the Tokyo Fight Club!



When the fight starts up, come to the ringside and get in on the action!  The punches are real, the fighting is fierce, and the action is non-stop!



Below are the details for TFC’s next big event:


Saturday December 1st, 2018  

Doors open at 8PM


Chitose Kaikan 5th Floor


Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Tokyo Fight Club’s 5th Live Martial Arts Event!

One grappling match and two kickboxing matches will be held!

Come see for yourself the latest craze in the competitive combat world, performed by top foreign fighters. The ringside sensation and excitement in palpable.

Be sure to check out the lovely TFC ladies on show between matches as well!


2500 yen (includes one drink)



1500 yen (includes one drink)


Ladies, up close you can enjoy the power and allure of a live fighter!


Real fights and awesome live shows. An authentic and exotic mix of Asian cuisines blended with awesome club music.  Let’s eat, drink, dance, and enjoy ourselves at Shibuya TFC!


Only at the Tokyo Fight Club! See you in the ring!