2/23 Event Details and Last Week’s Recap

Welcome back everyone!

Check out some video highlights from last week’s big show!

Pressing up against the cage gives the viewers the best vantage point for viewing the fights!  You can really FEEL the action and intensity up close!

Below are details for this weekend’s big event!


Saturday, February 23rd from 8:00PM

Chitose Kaikan 5th Floor

The night’s fights are as follows…

Two  kickboxing matches
One MMA match
One grappling match

The starting match for tonight is a big draw because both fighters are at professionals.  The best and toughest around!  PRO competition!

The second kickboxing match is a set between two university-aged fighters.  Don’t let their youth trick you, these guys are in it to win!  Up and coming fighters always make for fun watching!

The MMA match is a competition between a former Judo fighter and our YouTube competitor.  This one is a must-see for the high-level technique that will surely be on display!

To end out the night, there will be one grappling match.  Two tough-as-nails opponents pitted against one another in a true test of bodily strength.  You won’t wanna miss it!

And OF COURSE, be sure to check out the lovely TFC dancers between sets ; )

For Entrance:

Men – 2500円 (one drink included)

Women – 1500円 (one drink included)


For music, fights, and food… TFC is THE place to be!

Tokyo Fight Club.  See you in the ring!