3/23 Events Details and Last Week’s Recap

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to another TFC recap!  Please check out some of the photos from last week’s fight down below!

The sense of speed and power on display was AMAZING!

Remember that TFC has an international staff and TONS of international clientele.  ANYONE and EVERYONE can have a good time here!


Here are the details for this weekend’s upcoming show…

Saturday, March 23rd from 8:00PM
Chitose Kaikan 5th Floor

This week there will be three match sets: one each for kickboxing, MMA, and grappling!

First up will be grappling.  These are base fighters, so POWER and STRENGTH is guaranteed!

Next up will be kickboxing.  These two fighters are quite evenly matched.  The kicking ability in of Inoue in particular should be quite stunning to see!

The final match will be MMA.  The fighters in this match are two of our toughest.  A battle of coordinated power and technique is sure to please the crowd here!


Men – 2500円 (one drink included)

Women – 1500円 (one drink included)


If you want to enjoy delicious food and watch awesome fights, then you know where it’s at!

TFC is the place to be.

See you in the ring!